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After being diagnosed with leukaemia, Kiwi found solace and support in the Macmillan Support Line. He didn't want to burden his family further, and with Macmillan, he didn't have to. He received the emotional, financial, and practical assistance he needed.

By entering the Lottery today, you empower Macmillan to innovate and enhance the ways we support those living with cancer.


You can support people like James by playing our Summer Raffle

When James was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 23 years old in 2017, his Macmillan Nurse Kate made him feel more at ease throughout his experience. Speaking about his experience with Macmillan James said, “my Macmillan nurse helped a huge amount, she knew all the receptionists and the people in charge of my treatment and helped keep me in the loop, she also reminded and asked them almost daily about progress and appointment dates being set. Just knowing I had someone fighting alongside me reduced the stress and strain I was feeling, and I soon started to notice an improvement in myself in general.”

By playing our Summer Raffle, you’ll be supporting people like James to better navigate their cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support.

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Money - First prize
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Rosette - Forth prize
£500 4 x 4th prize

Plus, 500 x £25 cash prizes

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