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Only £1 per week for your chance to win 1,000 cash prizes including £1,000 jackpot.

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1,000 cash prizes
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£10,000 First prize

1,000 lottery prizes every week


Money - First prize
£1,000 1st prize
Trophy - Second prize
£100 2 x 2nd prize
Medal - Third prize
£50 5 x 3rd prize
Rosette - forth prize
£20 10 x 4th prize
Rosette - Fifth prize
£10 130 x 5th prize

Plus, 852 x £5 prizes

Raffle prizes every quarter

Money - First prize
£10,000 1st prize
Trophy - Second prize
£2,500 2nd prize
Medal - Third prize
£1,000 2 x 3rd prize
Rosette - Forth prize
£500 4 x 4th prize

Plus, 500 x £25 cash prizes

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Kiwi, diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in 2012.

How it helps

Every time you enter you are bringing forward the day everyone with cancer gets life-transforming support from day one. Find out how Macmillan supported people like Kiwi.

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